Curt Meyer

Curt is from the Clara City, MN area. He started farming in 1983 with his dad and brothers. Curt has experience farming edible beans for the last 25 years. He has grown different varieties of edibles, including navies, dark and light red kidney beans, cranberry and pinto beans. Curt also worked as an assistant manager of Bird Island Bean Co for three years. In 2000, ConAgra sold the Bird Island plant facility to a partnership that included Duane Hultgren, Larry Serbus and Curt as the new owners. In 2011, Curt and Larry became co-owners of Bird Island Bean Co, LLC.

Larry Serbus

Larry is from the Olivia, MN area. He started in the edible bean business with Lakeland Bean Company located in Olivia  in 1972.  He worked as manager of the Lakeland Bean Co plant in Appleton, MN for 2 years and then returned to the Olivia plant as superintendent. He was hired by ConAgra  to be plant manager at their Bird Island facility in 1995.  In 2011, Curt Meyer and Larry bought out Duane Hultgren to continue Bird Island Bean Co, LLC.

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